• Rules and Regulations

    All members are required to read ALL board and RPG rules before posting. We trust that everyone will use common sense and good net and RP etiquette during their time here on Of Age Wizards (OAW). This is just a quick overview of the important rules that members needs to follow. If you would like more details on certain rules please check Board Rules & FAQ.

    Global Rules

    • Member OOC Account
      Members should register with an OOC Account, character account will be set up and linked to OOC Accounts once you have submitted a Character Application.
    • Account Deletion
      If you have less than ten posts and have not signed into your account for six months your account will be deleted.
    • Rating
      Of Age Wizards is a mature rated forum (2-2-2); therefore mature content will be posted to a certain extent. There are areas set up for Extreme Rated R content and you will need to be 17+ years old and group permission to access it.
    • Common Courtesy
      We do not tolerate harassment, disrespect, or bulling of any kind, so please respect all members and staff. If you have a problem with someone please contact a moderator or administrator and report the problem. Arguing in the chat rooms or any other forum in OAW is strictly forbidden. Everyone must be civil with one another, even if you don't like a person you've had trouble with in the past.
    • OOC Drama
      Please do not cause drama out of character. If a character is rude, does not mean you should be rude to the person OOC. Character drama is fun, OOC drama sucks for everyone involved. Please do not annoy anyone with OOC drama. If you're having a bad day please do not take it out on other people by bring your emotions into thing.
    • ChatBox
      The chat is for OOC chatting and plotting between members ONLY. Please do not beg or harass other members for post. Do not spam the chat with advertisement for other sites either.
    • Profanity
      In order to create a real environment on OAW, some swear are allowed. Please do not make us regret this by using them excessively. Posts with an excessive amount of swearing in it will be deleted and a warning will be given to the poster. Selected words have been blocked.
    • Infractions
      For every rule that is broken you will receive an infraction. The number of points issued is dependent upon the severity of the infraction. Upon receiving ten points you will be suspended for ten days.
    • Suspensions & Banning
      Any member that constantly keeps breaking rules or causing major problems will be suspended or possibly banned from the site.
    • Spamming
      No spamming with constant meaningless post in a row (With exception of a few selected places. Ex: Chat Room located in The Drawing Room). If this is an IC post, wait for a reply before posting again. Please do not post a sentences saying that your character went to the bathroom and then post again saying the same character went to have a snack in the kitchen. However, detailed post on something new, like a new day, are permitted without a reply in between. If you made a mistake, just go back and edit your post. Spam post will simply be deleted.
    • Using Caps
      No caps posting, it might give other members the wrong idea. SO DO NOT POST LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME. You can however post in all caps within quotes when your character talks. "THIS IS ACCEPTABLE. THIS SHOWS THAT YOUR CHARACTER'S VOICE HAS ELEVATED."
    • Language of Posts
      All posts must be in an English or Latin-based language. When posting a different language other than English you must post the translation for what youíre saying immediately after. Posting in codes is strictly prohibited, even in the spam thread.
    • Graphics
      1. When posting images codes it has to be from an image hosting site (Ex: Photobucket, Image Shack, Tinypic, etc...). NO HOT-LINKING!!!
      2. Avatar
        All avatars should 100 x 100 pixels or smaller and the file size can be no bigger than 25 KB for the file size.
      3. Signature
        • The maximum size of a single image in a signature is 500 x 250 pixels, 65 KB for the file size. Please don't think this means per image. It's all together.
        • With your image(s), the maximum lines of text are 5. With an image all text cannot be larger than size 3. You may use up to 12 lines of text if youíre NOT using an image. No bigger than size 4.
          • Size 1: 16 Lines
          • Size 2: 12 Lines
          • Size 3: 8 Lines
          • Size 4: 6 Lines

        • The maximum amount of images you can put in your signatures is 4, but the combined size of all images can be no bigger than the max size of one image (500 x 250). Both pixels and file size.
        • The maximum amount of emoticons per signatures is 6.

      4. Profile Pictures
        All profile pictures should 350 x 350 pixels or smaller and the file size can be no bigger than 35 KB for the file size.
      5. Thread Images
        All thread images should be posted as a link or image code, try and keep the width 600 pixels or less. If the thread is stretched by your images then the image is too BIG and needs to be made smaller.

    • Rule Updates
      Please check rules every so often because rules may be added or updates whenever a situation presents itself and requires a rule to be changed or added. Please note that individual forums might have rules that should be followed in addition to board rules.

    RPG Rules

    • Character Application/Account
      Character Applications can only be submitted with an OOC Account. Once your character has been approved it will be setup and linked to your OOCA by an administrator. Then you are free to start role-playing.
    • Character Limit
      All members are allowed five characters with an exception of being approved for Character Overload, which allows members to have over five characters.
    • Thread Setup
      All threads are pre-setup so the RP is more interactive, however there are selected places where you are allowed to setup threads to RP privately with other member(s). There are plenty of threads all over the wizarding world so everyone isn't crowded in one thread. Quoting posts is highly recommended to direct who you're character is talking to.
    • Word Count
      No word count, because we value content over length meaning a good post is a post that gives the other person something to respond to no matter the number of words.
    • Grammar & Spelling
      We hope that everyone post with proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar written in third-person perspective.
    • RP Don'ts
      1. God-Modeling
        Playing another members character, including their reactions without the members permission.
      2. Meta-Playing
        When your character acts on something the character doesn't know but the writer does.
      3. Mary Sue Characters
        There's no such thing as the perfect character, so please do not have your character know everything especially at young ages. It's never fun to RP with someone who's overly perfect.
      4. OOC vs IC
        What happens in the RPG stays in the RPG. Players should not make enemies or alliances based on what a character did to another persons character. Same goes for bad relationship between players should not influence what happens in the RPG.

    • Activity
      Please try and post at lease 2-3 times a week to keep plots moving. If your character really places an important part in a plot, please try and post a little more than that.
    • Absence
      If you are going to be absent for an extended period of time please let the members you are role playing with know. Please do not just disappear and have everyone wondering when you will be back, especially if your involved in something big.

    Additional Characters Rules

    • Adult
      All characters 17+ years old (No longer attending any primary magical school).
    • Student
      All characters 17 and under (Still attending any primary magical school.
      Student Rules
      1. When a school term is in progress students should only be role-played in their respectable school. In exception of Christmas holiday where students will be allowed to go home if they choose for a scheduled amount of time.
      2. No magic is allowed to be used outside of school unless your student is of age. (Of age for OAW means the summer before they attend their seventh year.)

    • Children
      Characters who are 8 years old or under are considered children character. Children characters do not get their own account, but are to be posted in the same post as the parent or guardian unless you want the child to be a main character.
    • Side Characters
      All character who aren't main character, but has some kind of relation with your main character such as mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, etc... Can be role played using the main characters account. Side characters do not get their own account because they are only meant to be around temporally for special occasions, a visit, weddings, or any other reason you would need to play them. They come, do whateverís needed of them, and then they leave until their next visit. Please don't make their visits every day. The point to having a side character is that they are not constantly being plays like a main character.
    • Blood Status
      Your character can be any blood status you want them to be. Whether pureblood, half blood, or muggle born, but please take it into consideration that there's little to no purebloods left. Everything now days are either half or less.
    • Abilities
      • Wandless and/or Wordless Magic
        Being able to do spells wandless or wordless is a very difficult way of doing magic. Most go their whole lives without mastering a single spell. Being able to do this type of magic takes years and years to learn and about a lifetime to master. So character just out of school couldn't possible master something this difficult unless you were trying to make them perfect and can do anything. Even characters in their twenties shouldn't know too much wandless or wordless magic. I understand the need to let you imagination go wild, but please be reasonable about what your character can do.
      • Legilimency and Occlumency
        Again this is a difficult branch of magic to learn and itís not taught in any of the primary magical schools. Itís something your character learns after they complete that level of schooling. We do not have a limit to who can learn this ability, but please take it into consideration that not everyone can learn it, let along master it. If this ability starts to be abused then limits will be set.
      • Parseltongue
        Is the language of snakes and being able to do this is a rare ability. We only allow decedents of Harry Potter possess this this ability. Therefore you'll need admin permission before allowing your character to be able to do this.
      • Metamorphagus
        A character must be born with this ability and it doesn't have to be something that runs in your bloodline. We do not have a limit to how many members are allow to play as one, but please take it into consideration that not everyone is born with it. If this ability starts to be abused then limits will be set.
      • Seer
        Another rare ability for someone to have is the Inner Eye, the ability to prophesy. Again we do not have a limit to how many members are allowed to play as one, but please take it into consideration that not everyone is born with this ability. If this ability starts to be abused then limits will be set.
      • Werewolf
        Characters are allowed to be werewolves. Please remember that werewolves are regular humans except on the full moon. Please remember that you cannot change another memberís character unless they give you permission. If done without permission your post will be deleted and you will receive a warning.
      • Vampire
        Members are allowed to have their characters to be vampires, but please remember that this is a Harry Potter site and not Twilight. So there are some limits to being a vampire. Please read the rules below.
        Vampire Rules
        1. In Harry Potter vampires are not magical; therefore they cannot use magic. If a character was a witch or wizard before they were bitten they will lose the ability to use spell magic via wand, wandless, or wordless. However, they can still mix potions and minor things like that.
        2. Vampires can walk in the sunlight and will not turn into ash. Please hold off on the whole glittering skin from Twilight and just say that they are very pale. Some vampires may prefer to where cloaks because their skin are unusually pale and do not wish for anyone to see.
        3. Vampire's speed and strength and hard skin should not be abused to make things completely unfair to other characters. If itís a hard enough blow a vampire can be hurt as well as be killed.
        4. Vampires are not allowed to feed on other characters unless you have permission from the character owner.
        5. Vampires may feed on animals without restraint given they are not property of anyone else.

    • Relationships
      A variety of orientations are permitted, but we do ask that you keep it respectful because even as things are starting to be more acceptable there are people who are not comfortable with everything and the last thing we want is members feeling uncomfortable. We do not discriminate against anyone on OAW, but we advise caution when reading non-public (open for all) threads.
    • Display of Affection
      • Public
        While posting in public please trying to keep things simple such as hugs, light kisses, holding hands, etc... Please do not have a full out make-out session in the middle of a public place and keep touching minor as well, light stroke anywhere that's not private.
        Public Places Include:
        Open for all threads
      • Public Homes (Includes Portkey Public Homes)
        This is your characters home and you are permitted to do whatever you want, so when it comes to the display of affection you can post more and go into more detail; however, you CAN NOT fully role-play a sex scene. The kissing, minor touching and even the removal of clothes are fine, but more than that it should fade into the background and you to skip to after. Hotel's/Inns private threads are included in this rule.
      • Private Area
        See thread in the Private Area for information. You have to be in the Private Area permission group in order to see this forum.

    • Torturing
      We do allow torturing, but please don't go into great detail about it. There are more appropriate ways of wording certain things without having to add all of the gruesome details. When torturing someone please try and keep it within the world of HP. Meaning something you believe would be done in Harry Potter had it been thought of.
    • Killing
      There are plenty of ways to get rid of your character besides killing them. If you really want to have them killed do it by dueling, cauldron explosion, or a broom accident are more acceptable ways of doing it. ABSOLUTELY NO SUICIDE!!! Unless it's written into a plot and someone evil is forcing someone to choose between killing themself or someone they love. Members caught role playing their character committing suicide will receive a warning or possible suspension from the site.

      Please do not murder other member characters unless they have given you permission. If you post killing another members character and they never said you could your post will be deleted. And you will receive a warning for not following the rules. Please remember that the use of any Unforgivable will earn your character a lifetime sentence in Azkaban, this law remain true.

      Once your character is killed at NO time are you allowed to bring him or her back to life. That is just not cool. The dead should stay dead. There is nothing in the muggle or wizarding world that can bring back the dead. The use of Horcruxs to help encase a soul until it has found a host body is acceptable, as that it canon. If you would like your character to become a ghost administrative permission is needed.

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