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    Getting Started Guide

    Welcome to Of Age Wizards! We are glad that you have chosen to look at our wonderful site and hope that you will join our community. If you get confused or having trouble figuring out what you need to do next please read the information below. If you still have any concerns or questions after reading this guide please post them in this thread.

    1. Read the Rules

    2. Register an Out of Character Account (OOCA)
      • This will be your OOC account that all of your character accounts will be linked to. Please do not Register using your character name.

    3. Applications

    4. Additional Information
      • If you have any questions or concerns please post them in this thread Help Desk.

    Character Guide

    Please make sure you read and understand all OAW Global and RPG Rules before starting anything. This private message provides a quick guide to what you need to do before role-playing. Please follow the steps and links below to get started.

    1. Character Creation Information:
      • Character Applications can only be submitted by an Out Of Character Accounts (OOCA).
      • All members are only allowed to have a total of five characters, unless given permission to have more.
      • When character(s) are approved an account will then be set up by an Administrator and linked to your Out of Character Account. A PM will then be sent to let you know when you can access the account and start posting.
      • For more information please visit the Character Application thread.

    2. Approved Characters:

    Once you have completed the instructions above, you're ready to start role playing here on OAW. Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy being a part of our community.

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