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    Head and Division Head Positions Available

    Are you responsible, active, and have a little over average writing ability? If so are you looking to holding in important character/moderation position here on OAW? Check what positions are available by clicking the licks provided below and if you have any questions, please PM
    Destiny of Darkness.

    Ministry Officials
    Other Officials

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    Ministry of Magic Now Hiring

    Are you a graduate from any Magical School and have the qualifications and would like to hold a position at the British Ministry of Magic. A significant amount of positions has recently opened and we would like to fill all of them. Fill out and application today and start what could be your dream job.

    Magical Law and Enforcements
    Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
    Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
    International Magical Cooperation
    Magical Transportation
    Magical Games and Sports
    Department of Mysteries

    Reporters & Photographers Needed

    The Daily Prophet is in despite need of reporters and photographers.

    Click Here to Apply

    Curse-Breakers Needed

    Are you seeking a challenging career involving travel, adventure, and substantial, danger-related treasure bonuses? Then consider a position with Gringotts Wizarding Bank, who are currently recruiting Curse-Breakers for a thrilling opportunities abroad.

    Click Here to Apply

    Other Job Openings

    St. Mungo's Hospital
    Have a knack for healing and can you withstand the sight of blood without fainting or feeling queasy? Please keep in mind that being a healer is a very serious business and we only take the best.

    Click Here to Apply

    Dragon Keeper
    Looking for witches or wizards who like working with magical creatures and don't mind a little danger on a daily bases.

    Click Here to Apply

    For More job not mentioned please Click Here!

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