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All members are only allowed five main characters.

Adult Characters
-Any character seventeen years (No longer in school) or older is considered an adult character. All of your main characters may be adults.

Student Characters
-Each member is only allowed two student characters, you may play them at any of the four wizarding schools.

-When a school term is in progress you are only allowed to RP your student at their rightful school. Except on the Christmas holiday where students will be allowed to go home if they choose for a brief amount of time.

-No magic is allowed to be used out side of school unless your student is of age. (Of age for OAW means the summer before they attend their seventh year.)

Character Children
-When your characters have babies you are allowed to RP them, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (main characters). Once the child reaches the age ten they must be posted as side characters unless you take them on as one of your five main characters.

Side Characters
-A side character would be the mother, father, brother, sister, etc... of your main character and can be role played ever once in a while. For special occasions, a visit, weddings, or any other reason you would need to play them. They come, do whatevers needed of them, and then they leave until their next visit. Please don't make their visits everyday. The point to having a side character is that they are not constantly being plays like a main character.


A variety of orientations are permitted in IC here on OAW. We do ask that you keep it respectful ,regardless of the orientation and respect all relationship rules. If you violate this in any way you WILL be warned, have your post deleted, and possibly be infracted depending upon the severity.


There are plenty of ways to get rid of your character besides killing them. But if you really want to dueling, cauldron explosion, broom accident, etc... are more acceptable ways of doing it. Please we don't want characters committing suicide. That is not allowed. Members caught role playing their character committing suicide will receive a warning or possible suspension from the site.

Please do not murder other member characters unless they've given you permission. If you post killing another members character and they never said you could your post will be deleted. And you will receive a warning for not following the rules.

Once your character is killed at NO time are you allowed to bring him or her back to life. That's just not cool. The dead should stay dead. Nothing in the muggle or wizarding world can bring back the dead. The use of Horcruxs to help encase a soul until it has found a host body is acceptable, as that it canon.


You can only have one home per adult character. Students are allowed to have a home, but there must be a parent or guardian living with them even if your not playing them as one of your main characters. Vacation homes etc... are not allowed.

Apply to all Homes:

-Please don't just post your character walking into another characters house. Post them knocking or rang the door bell first then wait for someone to answer. It's rude to barges into another persons house. Unless it has something to do with a plot you and the owner of the house has come up with.

Inactive Homes

-If your home is inactive for 30 days it will be closed. Homes will be deleted if not reactivated within the next 60 days after being closed. Simply PM an Admin or Mod to have it reopened. This also applies to private homes.

-If you are finish with a home for whatever reason and don't want it to be deleted please PM an Admin or Mod and have it moved to the finished home forum.

More rules on homes please check How to Obtain a Home


-You can pick any job you want for any character.

-Please note that some jobs have certain requirement as well at rules. There will be a thread set up in the each forum telling you what's needed for each job .

How to apply for a job:
-There's a filing cabinet for every job. You will need to post there for your character so we know which of your five character is working there.

-You must also complete the join request for whichever job your applying for. Located in your User CP, on the left hand side of the page under Networking, click Group Memberships. The list will be there.

-You must complete both the filing cabinet and request in order to get approve.

List of Jobs:
-Apprentice Healer
-Daily Prophet
-Department of Mysteries
-Dragon Keeper
-Granger's Library
-International Magical Cooperation
-Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
-Magical Games and Sports
-Magical Law Enforcements
-Magical Transportation
-Professional Quidditch Player
-Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
-Teddy Lupin Orphanage

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