Of Age Wizards FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Member OOC Account

Members should register with an OOC Account, character account will be set up and linked to OOC Accounts by an administrator once you have submitted a Character Application.

Account Deletion

If you have less than ten posts and have not signed into your account for six months your account will be deleted.


Of Age Wizards is a mature rated forum (2-2-2); therefore mature content will be posted to a certain extent. There are areas set up for Extreme Rated R content and you will need to be 17+ years old and group permission to access it.

Common Courtesy

We do not tolerate harassment, disrespect, or bulling of any kind, so please respect all members and staff. If you have a problem with someone please contact a moderator or administrator and report the problem. Arguing in the chat rooms or any other forum in OAW is strictly forbidden. Everyone must be civil with one another, even if you don't like a person you've had trouble with in the past.

OOC Drama

Please do not cause drama out of character. If a character is rude, does not mean you should be rude to the person OOC. Character drama is fun, OOC drama sucks for everyone involved. Please do not annoy anyone with OOC drama. If you're having a bad day please do not take it out on other people by bring your emotions into thing.


OOC chatting and plotting between members ONLY. Please do not beg or harrass other members for post. Do not spam the chat with advertisement for other sites either.


In order to create a real environment on OAW, some swear are allowed. Please do not make us regret this by using them excessively. Posts with an excessive amount of swearing in it will be deleted and a warning will be given to the poster. Selected words have been blocked.


For every rule that is broken you will receive an infractions. The number of points issued is dependent upon the severity of the infraction. Upon receiving ten points you will be suspended for ten days.

Suspensions & Banning

Any member that constantly keeps breaking rules or causing major problems will be suspended or possibly banned from the site.


No spamming with constant meaningless post in a row (With exception of a few selected places. Ex: Chat Room located in The Drawing Room). If this is an IC post wait for a reply before posting again. Please do not post a sentences saying that your character went to the bathroom and then post again saying the same character went to have a snack in the kitchen. However, detailed post on something new, like a new day, are permitted without a reply in between. If you made a mistake, just go back and edit your post. Spam post will simply be deleted.

Using Caps

No caps posting, it might give other members the wrong idea. SO DO NOT POST LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME. You can however post in all caps within quotes when your character talks. "THIS IS ACCEPTABLE. THIS SHOWS THAT YOUR CHARACTER'S VOICE HAS ELEVATED."

Language of Posts

All posts must be in an English or Latin-based language. When posting a different language other then English you must post the translation for what your saying immediately after. Posting in codes is strictly prohibited, even in the spam thread.

Graphic Rules

All avatars should 100 x 100 pixels or smaller and the file size can be no bigger than 25 KB for the file size.

1. The maximum size of a single image in a signature is 500 x 250 pixels, 65 KB for the file size. Please don't think this means per image. It's all together.
2. With your image(s), the maximum lines of text is 5. With an image all text can not be larger than size 3. You may use up to 12 lines of text if your NOT using an image. No bigger than size 4.
- Size 1: 16 Lines
- Size 2: 12 Lines
- Size 3: 8 Lines
- Size 4: 6 Lines
3. The maximum amount of images you can put in your signatures is 4, but the combined size of all images can be no bigger than the max size of one image (500 x 250). Both pixels and file size.
4. The maximum amount of emoticons per signatures is 6.

Profile Pictures
All profile pictures should 350 x 350 pixels or smaller and the file size can be no bigger than 35 KB for the file size.

Thread Images
All thread images should be posted as a link or image code, try and keep the width 600 pixels or less. If the thread is stretched by your images then the image is too BIG and needs to be made smaller.

Rule Updates

Please check rules every so often because rules may be added or updates whenever a situation presents itself and requires a rule to be changed or added. Please note that individual forum might have their own rules that needs to be followed.

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