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    Default Signature Submissions

    Signature Rules

    1. The maximum size of a single image in a signature is 500 x 250 pixels, 75 KB for the file size. Please don't think this means per image. It's all together.

    2. With your image(s), the maximum lines of text is 5. With an image all text can not be larger than size 3. You may use up to 12 lines of text if your NOT using an image. No bigger than size 4.

    -Size 1: 16 Lines
    -Size 2: 12 Lines
    -Size 3: 8 Lines
    -Size 4: 6 Lines

    3. The maximum amount of images you can put in your signatures is 3, but the combined size of all images can be no bigger than the max size of one image. Both pixels and file size.

    4. The maximum amount of emoticons per signatures is 6.

    When Posting:

    -I'm sure everyone has read the rules on signatures. So when posting I just need you to post two simple things.

    1. Is the image account yours?
    2. Exactly how you want your signature.

    Quote Originally Posted by Example Post
    1. Yes

    First line of text.
    (My image)
    Second line of text.
    Third line of text.
    -Please put in all the colors you want for the text in, as well as align it how you want it when you post. What we see as your number 2 is what will be posted as your signature.

    List of Signature Changers

    -Destiny of Darkness (Ebz)
    -Shadow Kitty (Kat)
    -Lovegame (Toni)
    -Silver Springs (Bee)
    -caribbean_bell (Davina)
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