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    Default New Direction - Character Accounts

    Attention All Members,

    After some long consideration, I have decided to give character account a try on Of Age Wizards. I know for some of use this will be a big change because we have grown accustom to posting all characters on one account. I have found this awesome add-on that allows me to link accounts together and with just two clicks you can easily switch back and forth between character account and your Out of Character Account. I believe this might really help Of Age Wizards to attract more member to make this place more active. So in order to get his ball rolling, I'm going to need everyone to follow the steps I've listed below to start setting up your character accounts. All links provided below will take you to that exact location.

    1. The account you have right now will be your Out of Character Account, so if your username happen to be the same name of one of your characters you wish to play, it will have to be changed. You can do that yourself by clicking Setting ---> Edit Profile (Menu on the left under My Settings). If you have already changed your username and it won't let you change it again please PM Destiny of Darkness with the username you wish to have it changed to.
    2. Next, if you already posted a profile for your character in either the Adult Profile or Student Profile, please locate it (Use the Thread Search at the top of the first post, it'll find your character profile faster). By doing this you can easily copy and paste the information about your character over to the Character Application. If you don't already have a profile for the character you'll have to start from scratch.
    3. Once you're finished with the Character Application Submit it. Do this for all of the characters you wish to play. Please keep in mind that you're only allowed five main characters, so that means five character accounts.
    4. When your Character Account are linked to your main account you'll receive a PM telling you where to go from there and you're free to continue Role-playing.

    We will be transferring current characters over to separate accounts for the next two weeks or so, so please hurry and get your character applications in. Once everything is set up, you won't be able to post in any RPG forum with an Out of Character Account.

    If you have any questions or concerns please post them in this thread.

    Thank you!
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    Default New Direction Character Accounts

    The real joke should have been that youve now got me as a co-host. Because who in their right mind would want to listen to me on the show?

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