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    Default Getting Started

    Getting Started Guide

    All posts and PMs are made using Out of Character (OOC) Accounts. Of Age Wizards is an Account Per Character site that uses a quick account switch to change between accounts.

    1. Read the Rules

    2. Register an Out of Character (OOC) Account
      • This will be your OOC account that all of your character accounts will be linked to. Please do not Register using your character name.

    3. Applications

    4. Additional Information
      • If you have any questions or concerns please post them in this thread Help Desk.

    Character Creation Guide

    1. Character Creation Information:
      • Character Applications can only be submitted by an Out Of Character Accounts (OOCA).
      • All members are only allowed to have a total of five characters, unless given permission to have more.
      • When character(s) are approved an account will then be set up by an Administrator and linked to your Out of Character Account. A PM will then be sent to let you know when you can access the account and start posting.
      • For more information please visit the Character Application thread.

    2. Approved Characters:

    Once you have completed the instructions above, you're ready to start role playing here on OAW. Thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy being a part of our community.
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