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    Default Magical Law & Enforcement

    All Magical Law and Enforcement job applications are posted into this thread. If you are looking all available job positions please visit this thread Department of Magical Law and Enforcement. The Application can also located in that thread as well.
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    Name: Benedict Johnlocke
    Birthdate: January 6, 2066
    IMU Graduate: Yes
    Major: Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Minor: None
    Position: Hit Wizard
    Field of Study: None
    New Worker: No
    If no, how long have you worked here? Few Months
    In Character Post:
    Frowning as he read the name on the door, Benedict stood at the Head's office as he tried to decide whether or not it would be better to introduce himself or just simply ignore the new authority figure brought into his life like he usually did. Take the typical peer pressure route and fall to social norms... knock on the door, pretend to be happy to introduce yourself while trying to break this person's mind into simple pieces so I can analyse them and find out if they are truly worth my time.... or go about my business and just arrest anyone I find worthy of arresting without caring for this new... woman, from the guess of the name... I am not too sure which would be the best course of action to take. Sighing heavily, Benedict raised a fist to the wood and wrapped lightly on the door as he finally fell victim to his own stupid reasoning. Might as well see if this woman is worthy of my attention. If not, I could simply pretend not to know her and go on with my work... It all depends on the first impression.
    Clutching onto the papers he held in his free hand, Benedict moved his gaze to the plate upon the door once more. Arden... had he ever heard of an Arden before? Possibly foreign? He wasn't too sure. He honestly could not make an opinion based on just the name alone. Open this door. The curiosity is killing me.
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    Name: Naji Lee Benjiro Jr
    Birthdate: November 2, 2070
    IMU Graduate: Yes
    Major: Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Minor: Potions
    Position: Auror
    Field of Study: None
    New Worker: No
    If no, how long have you worked here? 5+ Years
    In Character Post:
    "Oh.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you," he said, realizing he must have taken her by surprise when he opened the door. He reached down and picked up one of the papers that had slipped into his office, before standing up straight again and handing her the paper. "Ahh yes... Miss Keller. It's a pleasure to meet you," he said, with a polite smile, shaking her hand. "Welcome to the British Ministry of Magic."

    Naji motioned for her to step into his office, after accept the letter from her former Ministry. He walked back over to his desk to sit down. "Please have a seat and relax," He could tell that she was nervous, which was understandable since she was new. He carefully read over the letter, before he addressed her again. "I think we can skip over the examination. This letter goes into pretty great details and its the second letter I've got as a recommendation and I've already made up my mind. So unless you have anything else to add, I can show you to your office and you can get yourself settled." He would be able to see how good of a worker she was by her doing her job.

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