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    Default Department of Mysteries

    All Department of Mysteries job applications are posted into this thread. If you are looking all available job positions please visit this thread Department of Mysteries. The Application can also located in that thread as well.
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    Name: Ryan Chambers
    DOB: 12th January
    Wand: 9.5 inch Oak wand, with amazing durability, and a phoenix feather core
    School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy / Ravenclaw
    Job Interest: Brain Room Unspeakable
    New Worker?: Yes

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    Name: Genevieve de la Tour
    DOB: April 15, 1774 (vampire)
    Wand: Blue spruce, entwined unicorn tail feather and demiguise hair, 10 inches
    School: privately taught
    Job Interest: Death Chamber Unspeakable
    New worker? yes

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    Name: Barnaby Jones
    DOB: 1975
    Wand:16 in,. white ash with a pheonix feather
    School: Hogwarts
    Job Interest: (No more than one check below for accepting) Hall of Prophesy
    New worker? (Yes or No? If no, how long have you been working here) Yes

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    Name:Arcamia Johnson
    DOB:February 12 2075
    Wand:12",Abelia,Unicorn Hair core
    Job Interest:Time room unspeakable
    New worker? Yes
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    Name: Charlotte Forest
    DOB: September 15th, 2068
    Wand: 12 inches birch core of Phoenix
    School: Salem
    Job Interest: Hall of Prophecy Unspeakable
    New worker? No, 5 years
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    Name: Lewis Taylor
    DOB: 15th October
    Wand: 10” Elm and Willow, Leprachaun hair
    School: Hogwarts
    Job Interest: Hall of Prophecy Unspeakable
    New worker? No, 6 years

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    Name: Kyana Vexnal
    DOB: 3/16/1985
    Wand: Albino Redwood, Ghoulflesh handle, Sphinx hair core, 16.25 inches, slender and lethal as a rapier
    School: College of Arcane, Science, and Theory (C.A.S.T.) (San Francisco, California)
    Job Interest: (Insert current job accepting positions)
    Prior Experience: 27 years of service in various departments of the Ministry in various capacities, including six months apprenticeship as a Death Chamber Unspeakable before attempting to claim the HD position


    Ebz: Can not be accepted until two errors are corrected.
    1. Job Interest
    2. What's in read is not needed in request.
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